Local Sounds — Kitchener-Waterloo

While everyone is hanging out at home, we thought it could be fun to put a little challenge out to the musicians in our community. 

Welcome to Local Sounds — Kitchener-Waterloo

Here's what it's all about! Every few weeks, we'll announce a new set of constraints: different keys, BPM, lengths, styles, etc. Then, we'll ask you to record anything you want within those constraints and send it our way! From there, our team will chop up all of the submissions into a song (of sorts) — at least, that's the plan.

Who Can Participate

Anyone! Musicians from Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding area are encouraged to add their own mini recording to our library to be used in the song.

How To Participate

Record anything you want within our constraints (listed below), and then submit it via the form below! You can record however you'd like: cellphone quality is fine (try to make sure it's not distorted)! Video is also welcome! Please submit either an MP3 or MP4 file.


The constraints for this round are:

  • BPM: 84
  • Key: C minor
  • Max length of recording: 20 seconds

Record anything you want within those constraints — make it melodic, rhythmic, whatever you'd like.

What's Next

At the end of this week (Sunday, March 29th) we'll take all of your submissions and start chopping them together into a song made of local sounds only!

Disclaimer (of course)
This is an experiment, so we'll be constantly iterating on how we do this in the coming months.