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Release Party Promotion & Production

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Having hosted hundreds of events over the years, Good Company Productions offers exclusive production partnerships to local musicians for standalone shows and release parties.

Together, we work with artists to curate, create, and host performances built for the musician. Our team specializes in:

  • Curation: understanding the atmosphere and vibe you'd like your show to have, and helping to create it via staging elements, production, design, and collaboration with other local artists
  • Creation: our team works with local designers to help create marketing content, promotional posters, and even album artwork for you
  • Promotions: in partnership, we help to promote your event to our audience, local music circles, and any specified target audiences
  • Venues: Good Company Productions will provide lists of appropriate venues and secure them for you based on availability, rates, and environment
  • Logistics and operations: our team handles all operations, including ticketing, check in, bartending, and setup and teardown. We also manage all necessary insurance, licenses, etc.
  • Production and staging: our technicians will handle all production and venue staging as well, meaning you only need to bring your instruments and yourself!

Our fees for event promotion and production vary on a case-by-case basis. In our initial meeting, we will set goals together for ticket sales based on the intended show size. After creating a budget together, our team will set a minimum cost which will need to be covered by the artist. After this, all additional fees paid to Good Company Productions are a percentage of show profits.

Almost all collaborative shows will be budgeted so that the artist does not need to pay out of pocket — in other words, so that ticket sales cover all costs at the very minimum.