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Broadcast and live-streaming services for events, entrepreneurs, businesses, and bands; up to eight simultaneous camera angles, virtual guests, and distributed event support.

how it works

Start by reaching out to our team below — we'll set up a 1:1 meeting with you to learn more about your event and your vision.

Packages are quoted on a case-by-case basis, and require at least two technicians on-site in most cases (live sound + stream director/camera operator). Most livestreams can be broken into one of the following categories:

  • VIRTUAL: up to eight guests on the live-stream (unlimited viewers), all broadcasting from separate locations on their own devices. Remote audio and video managed by our crew, with attendees managed virtually by our team via our collaborative web-based streaming software. Stream design and basic show elements included (ie. title cards, name plates, transitions); stream can include combination of live and pre-recorded content.

  • LIVE: fully live, "in-studio" livestream with up to eight individual camera angles, with live audio capture, lighting, and operators. Live sound and cameras managed by our crew and Stream Director; stream design and show elements included (title cards, name plates, logos, transitions, music sequences). Stream can include combination of live and pre-recorded content. No studio audience.

  • LIVE WITH AUDIENCE: all of the above, with the addition of separate live sound and lighting for in-person audience; note that these events will require double the crew, as both the broadcast and live event will require their own technicians working side-by-side.

  • HYBRID: a unique combination of live and virtual broadcast, where some attendees join in-person on camera, while others join virtually.

  • Up to eight simultaneous camera angles with individual recording upon request, H264 1080p per channel, and full stream recording in broadcast quality
  • Simultaneous broadcast to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn, and any other service with an accessible RTMP server (eg. Hopin)
  • Custom branded show elements (overlays, lower thirds, logos, etc.)
  • Creative or commercial styles — standard, clean transitions, or live-greenscreening, keying, wipe transitions, etc.
  • Live chat with stream attendees, based on the destination platform

Our crew has designed and executed live-stream events for clients including Amazon Music, Google, the University of Waterloo, and other clients broadcasting on their own channels internationally within the past four years.

Standard crew rates are as follows; exceptions may be possible in unique circumstances for community, charity, and fundraiser events, or for pilot events which we can get behind.

All rates are +HST. A half day is considered 0-4 hours on-site, while a full day is 4-8 hours on site. Overtime is anything over 8 hours. We can work with you to estimate required time on-site.

  • Stream Director: $50/hour for advance work | $300/half-day | $600/full-day | $75/hour overtime
  • Camera Operator/Audio/Lighting Technician: $300/half-day | $600/full-day | $75/hour overtime
  • Production Assistant: $150/half-day | $300/full-day | $35/hour overtime

Rates are in addition to production/livestream equipment, which is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our team to learn more.

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Our team will set up a casual 1:1 chat to learn more.

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