Tour Management

Advance, day of show, and remote support for touring artists of a certain scale.

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Visa Application support

For Canadian musicians looking to perform or tour in the United States, a P2 Performance Visa is required. Our team can help you understand the process of securing a visa, and submit the visa application on your behalf if you meet specific requirements.

In addition to visa application fees and other dues required through the process itself, we will charge a fee per applicant to submit on your behalf.

On-Site Tour Management

For artists touring at the appropriate scale, members of our crew may be available for hire as a dedicated Tour Manager.

We are experienced with bands touring at the club-show scale in Canada and the United States, specifically in venues ranging from 100 to 500 capacity. Tour Management services include advancement of all shows, logistics/routing planning and execution, overseeing all necessary rentals and production requirements, financial management, settlement responsibilities, and more.

Tour Managers typically operate based on day-rates with a per-diem, however in some specific cases we may consider a net profit split post-tour if building a long-term relationship with the artist and team. Note that our Tour Management services do not include booking services.

Remote Tour Management

For artists that may need partial tour support without having the budget for a Tour Manager on the road, we provide remote Tour Management services.

This includes working with the artist, booking agent, and label to develop an appropriate advance package for a given tour (stage plots, input lists, riders, tax documents, etc.), advancing of all shows including production requirements, riders, and preferences, logistics prep and planning, and post-show settlement tracking.

Our crew works off of Master Tour and can include access to day of show details for band members on the road without a TM present.