live recordings

Let us capture your performance live off the floor, filmed and recorded to suit your style, vision, and aesthetic. Perfect for demos, partnered releases, and everything in between.

how it works

Start by reaching out to our team below — we'll set up a 1:1 meeting with you to learn more about your performance and your vision.

We'll guide you through each step:

From small scale to full production, we'll chat through what type of video you'd like to record. It may be a raw field recording to capture your performance from a listener's perspective. Or, a single shot, single take video. It could even be a full set performance captured on film for release through a media or distribution partner — we do it all.

Are you a solo artist in need of a band? If so, we can help source musicians to work alongside you in preparation for a live off the floor recording.

Alternatively, if you're looking to add a live visual component to your video, we can help connect you with visual artists to collaborate with.

Do you have a venue or location in mind? If not, our team can recommend spaces from our roster of 100+ venues in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Toronto. If you're looking for something specific, we can also help scout the perfect space for your event.

By booking a venue through Good Company, we apply our $5M Certificate of Insurance to the rental for no additional fee.

Together, we'll create a promotion and release plan for your video, including social media snippets. We'll also pull a set of still images from the shoot that you can use as additional assets.

Depending on the format of your video, our team will scale production accordingly — from full video and audio crew for full set performances, to solo and duo crews for stripped back recordings.

While exploring production, we'll also chat with you about staging: what you want the video to look and feel like. Lighting, props, projections, you name it — we'll help find it.

We offer fixed rates for live off the floor recording with and without audio included — if you'd like to bring your own recording engineer, we can deduct that amount from our rates.

Rates are dependent on format, in general:

  • Field recordings are most budget-friendly
  • Single shot performances can typically be done in less time on-set
  • Multi-camera shoots will take more time in pre-production and on-set
  • Full set performance recordings are quoted on a case-by-case basis

Our goal is always to work within the budget you have, where possible. Reach out to our team, and we'll find a way to adapt our production as needed!

tell us about your vision.

Our team will set up a casual 1:1 chat to learn more.

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field recording

Capturing your sound from a listener's perspective: stripped back and raw.

single shot

One shot, one take: recording your performance the moment it happens.


Filming all angles of your live performance, designed to suit your aesthetic and brand.

full set

Start to finish, recording a mulit-song performance with full production support, set design, and direction.