Live @ 44 // Sarah Thawer + Nikolina Kupcevic  poster

Live @ 44 // Sarah Thawer + Nikolina Kupcevic

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Tickets on sale until 8PM ET on March 27th — ticket holders will receive a stream link on the day of the show.

JUNO-nominated drummer @sarahtdrumguru will be taking the stage alongside her band for a HIGH ENERGY one hour jazz fusion performance, framed by psychedelic visuals and artwork by local designer @bynikolina 📺

All revenue will be split amongst the performing artists, visual artist, and our production crew.

MARCH 27TH, 2021

The event will be live-streamed to our YouTube channel. Only ticket holders will receive the stream link. 

This event pairs a live musical performance with visual artwork from a different local designer each month. The visual set created for the show is unique to the artist's interpretation of the band's music, making for a truly joint showcase of music and art, together.

The event will run for about an hour total. Grab a drink, some friends, and tune in.