About us

Good Company Productions is a hyperlocal music and event production company based in Waterloo Region. We specialize in creating intimate popup concert experiences in unusual spaces, featuring emerging musicians, designers, and unique local venues.

Who we are.

Our team is made up of a passionate mix of young professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and musicians. We love music and the arts & culture scene in Kitchener-Waterloo, and our goal is to help it grow: both by showcasing local artists at popup concerts, and by supporting artist development opportunities in any way we can.

Meet the team here.

How we operate.

We are a social for-profit company. Our team of experienced audio technicians, talent scouts, operations managers, marketers, photographers, and more take on production contracts in the community whenever possible. The revenues from these contracts are what sustain our business: they compensate the team, cover our operating costs (insurance, rent, website fees, etc.) and allow us to grow. 

Our priority is to help the community around us — specifically the local music scene — grow in any way we can. To do that, we use profits from contract work to sustain ongoing artist development initiatives, such as free jam sessions, discounted demo recordings and photography, and community sponsorships that make music more accessible to the general public. Our team also volunteers their time at popup concerts to ensure artist compensation is as fair as it can be while maintaining ticket prices that are not a barrier to entry for the audience.

We think of ourselves as investors, in a sense. When we believe our time and resources might be a catalyst to an artist's success, or may help to influence cultural events in our community then we will do our best to commit, experiment, and pilot new projects for the benefit of those around us. 

Why we're here.

Our focus is truly on supporting the growth of the community we are a part of. We are always open to collaborating with local musicians, companies, organizers, promoters, and individuals. If you have an event you'd like audio support at, you're a musician looking to organize a show, or you'd just like to learn more, please reach out! 

A simple philosophy summarizes all of this: if we can find ways to help our community grow, then our community will find ways to help us grow. If that's the case, we know we're in good company.