From the fastest growing technology companies in the region, to local grocery shops, salons, and juiceries, Good Company Productions has been fortunate to collaborate with many exciting clients and partners.

Event Production Services

  • Full staging, artist scouting, and production for Shopify Plus during True North Waterloo, Field Trip Day, and other events
  • Staging, artist scouting, operations, marketing, photography, and production for the City of Waterloo and City of Kitchener on multiple collaborative events
  • Talent buying of musicians and visual artists, full staging, and production for the Kik office warming party and fireside chat
  • Full production, artist scouting, and marketing for Workplace One at Lokal Festival

Talent Buying Services

  • Curated musicians recommendations and bookings for THEMUSEUM
  • Musician and DJ scouting and booking for North and the Focals showcase
  • Classical music production and booking for CIGI and the Founder's Institute

Technician Services

  • Ongoing technician services for Fuckup Nights Kitchener-Waterloo panel talks and keynotes, Hustl+Flow outdoor yoga classes, and more