The Advance: Jaguar Sun // Mar. 12, 2024

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The Advance is a new series which focuses on giving export-ready talent an opportunity to demo new content in front of an engaged local audience, using the show to test music, performance, visuals, and more before taking their project on tour or releasing it to the world at-large. It is an exclusive first listen for fans in Waterloo Region, but also an opportunity for fans to get involved in an artist's growth in a hands-on, tangible way in the foundational stages of their career.

The series will feature artists pursuing music professionally at an early stage of their journey, but whose primary markets are international. Every show will be fully recorded for artists to use as a reference, and every guest will receive a copy of the performance setlist to write notes on each song.


Join us at 7:30PM EST on Tuesday, March 12th for the second instalment of the this series, featuring local global-touring artist Jaguar Sun. With millions of streams, several Netflix placements, playlist features, and various US tours under their belt, the band will be using this show to debut their new setlist before touring Europe for the first time in April 2024. Featuring unreleased songs, new arrangements, and a redesigned live-visual performance, feedback from the show will directly influence the set performed on the other side of the globe just a month later.

The event will be held live at Arabella Park Beer Bar in Belmont Village, fully in-person. Space is limited. The audience is asked to be intentional in their participation in the show. 

There will be a curated selection of craft beer and drinks available for purchase from this show's venue — cash and card accepted. 

All door revenue will be split amongst the performing artists and our production crew.


This series is presented by Good Company Productions in partnership with Farm League Brewing as an active investment into our creative ecosystem.