Sonic Oasis | Holy Mackerel! - Guitar Effects Pedal

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Sonic Oasis is proud to introduce the "Holy Mackerel!", a sophisticated overdrive pedal. This device can provide a tone that ranges from subtle overdrive to crunchy distortion; hand-painted by artist Nikolina Kupcevic, this pedal has a one of kind body built to deliver a true and tested sound. 
The four knobs give you control of the gain, upper harmonics, low pass filter, and output volume. 

All profit from sales of these records goes back to the creator: James Reesor (Sonic Oasis)

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These pedals are being sold on behalf of Sonic Oasis by Good Company Productions as part of a new initiative to support local artists. Good Co. is covering all hosting costs, taxes, etc. for local artists that have merch to sell, but may not have a method of selling it. 100% of profits from sales will be paid out to artists.

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