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(SOLD OUT) Virtual Release: KAAJE!! - Things We Least Desire

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Join us at 8PM on Friday, Feburary 19th to hear the newly released
album from KAAJE!!, “Things We Least Desire”, live front to back.

The event will be live-streamed to our YouTube channel. Only ticket holders will receive the stream link. It will run for about an hour total. Grab a drink, some friends, and tune in.


KAAJE!! Is a project of love. Three friends who not only know way
to many pop culture references but still listen to the same music we
did when we were in highschool. That’s right 2005 + emo screamo
sad crying in your room because your parents just don’t understand
music. The kind of music makes you flashback and think “wouldn't
this be such a RAWR XD MySpace page song”. That right there at
its core is what we do, we love music, eachother, Star Wars,
comics, having a laugh and even better having a beer. If all of that
sounds like a treat then you should ask your doctor if KAAJE!! Is
right for you! We hope to see you at a show soon.

    All revenue will be split amongst the performing artists and our production crew.