1. white vinyl with 'lesta vall matt wheeler avalanche (take)'
  2. wooden vinyl 'leesta vall matt wheeler avlanche' text

Matt Wheeler | Vinyl Singles

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Each vinyl single is the only recording of one unique take. Recorded at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Brooklyn. Cut to vinyl on a 1950s-era vinyl lathe.

All profit from sales of these vinyls goes back to the artist: Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart. Limited stock for sale.

Find out more about Matt Wheeler & The Vintage Heart at their website.



This vinyl single is being sold on behalf of Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart by Good Company Productions as part of a new initiative to support local artists. Good Co. is covering all hosting costs, taxes, etc. for local artists that have merch to sell, but may not have a method of selling it. 100% of profits from sales will be paid out to artists.

If you are a local artist with shirts, stickers, CDs, etc. that you would like to sell online but you either don't have an online shop, or would like to save the monthly fees, then please send us a message at hello@goodcoprod.ca and we will work on getting your products online as part of our band shop!