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Meet the team!

Meet the team behind Good Company Productions.


Amit, Operations Lead — Good Co.'s founder, Amit manages the day-to-day operations of the organization, partnerships, and community relationships, and oversees the company's artist development programs. 
Robert, Artist Lead a co-founder of the business, Robert manages the Artist team, scouting, booking, and working with local and global musicians. 
Beth, Marketing Lead — working with her team, Beth is the voice behind Good Company Productions, managing everything from socials, to our blog, to ensuring that our shows are captured for all to see afterwards.
Adrian, Audio Lead — also a co-founder of the business, Adrian oversees a team of audio technicians, and manages all production at events and shows. 


Operations Team

Jill, Operations Coordinator — Jill specializes in crafting the Good Co. concert experience: from securing venues for shows to staging spaces, she ensures every concert has a venue.

Sammi, Operations Coordinator — a lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure our concerts are possible, and Sammi is often the one pulling the strings, securing SOPs, permits, and coordinating the flow of every Good Co. event.

Leon, Jack of All Trades — Leon truly is a jack of all trades, doing everything from scouting and coordinating with our designers and vendors at each show to helping with setup, staging, and event logistics.


Artist Team

Ashwyn, Artist Scout & Liaison — having been with the team since the very beginning, Ashwyn is often the driving force that is scouting and booking the incredible musicians we showcase at our concerts.

David, Artist Scout & Liaison — organized and analytical, David manages the finer details of booking talent, ensuring our artists have the best possible experience at shows, and ensuring our internal process always make sense.


Marketing Team

Jenna, Marketing Coordinator & Writer — the author behind Good Co.'s blogs, artist interviews, social posts, and more, Jenna works to capture the stories of everyone and everything involved in what we do and showcase them to the world!

Dylan, Photographer — Good Co.'s star photographer, Dylan is the one behind the lens at most of our shows capturing the moments we all share together. He also works with local musicians to capture their live performances.


Audio Team

Rod, Audio Technician — an experienced audio technician, Rod brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, and is equipped to handle any space we throw at him. Rod also hosts audio workshops in the community.

Logan, Audio Technician — our most easy-going technician, Logan works well in all situations and adapts to every challenge sent his way. Never short of a joke to tell, he works many of our client contracts alongside Rod and Adrian.

Owen, Audio Technician — Owen is a graduate of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, and is now pursuing a degree in Engineering at the University of Guelph. He's trained for anything!

Christian, Audio Technician — having been with the team for some time now, Christian is a capable and organized audio technician who loves both being behind the mixer and dancing to music on stage.

Brian, Audio Technician — always willing to lend a helping hand, Brian has gained firsthand experience from running audio in very unconventional spaces at our shows, and that experience shines through in his work.


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