· By Beth Bowles

Recap: February 2020 Pop Up

One of the things Good Company Productions does really well is challenging our audience to reimagine spaces they may frequent. Our February pop up at uptown Waterloo's Death Valley's Little Brother did just that. We took a space that so many people in the Region are familiar with and we challenged you to look at it differently. This is a place where so many people come to study, or use to schedule meetings or suggest for first dates — but when we pulled away all the tables, set up a stage and strung twinkle lights, it definitely didn't look like that place where you once crammed for your second-year biology exam. 

Our first performer of the night was Sara Rose, an acoustic artist from Kitchener-Waterloo. Sara filled the room with warm fuzzies as she performed a really raw and honest set straight from the heart. Up next was Richard Garvey with an acoustic performance. Richard's set was a rollercoaster of emotions, with social commentary about climate change, followed by a saucy, sexy sing-a-long. 

Perfect for a snowy February evening, our pop up show at DVLB had everyone keeping warm shoulder-to-shoulder, holding a matte mug full of boozy coffee and singing along to some feel good tunes. 

Keep an eye out for our office launch event on March 15 in collaboration with Someone's Studio. This event will be like our classic pop up show, but elevated, with a few more unique surprises! 


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