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Brand, Business & Strategic Consulting

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We work with local bands to help them grow not just as talent, but as a business.

The Good Company Productions team has collaborated with over 500 musicians from around the globe over the years, hosting them at shows, securing them performance opportunities, and connecting them with resources. Throughout that process, we have been in the unique position of seeing the characteristics firsthand that make certain musicians and bands successful: a strong brand, sound, and understanding of business. 

Our team offers one-to-one consulting and coaching sessions focused in three main areas.

  • Brand: what do you look and sound like, and what is your intended aesthetic? Together, we'll develop an artistic image and voice, connect you with our photographers and designers, and streamline your social media presence.
  • Business: a walkthrough of the lean business model canvas. Together, we look at the artist as a business — who are the customers, how do we get in front of them, and how do we make it sustainable? After an initial session, the business model becomes an iterative process on which our team will continue to support you.
  • Strategy: what is the best way to promote yourself? How can we find and create performance opportunities that match your intended aesthetic and audience, and more importantly: which gigs do you say no to? We'll go over monthly and yearly schedules, strategy, collaborations, and the best way to promote upcoming shows and releases for your or your band.

All consulting sessions are priced on a case-by-case basis. We would rather be accessible and affordable to you than not, so send us a message and we'll be happy to chat! To see other groups we have worked with, visit our Clients page.

The first initial meet and greet is free of charge.