Live Streaming Tools: Software

By Adrian Eitzen

Live Streaming Tools: Software

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    • It's free!
    • “OBS has no watermarks or other limitations and can be used commercially with no restrictions.” - Important if you want to make money using the software


    • Unlimited scenes and sources per scene
    • Audio Encoding: Max bitrate is whatever your stream can handle (defaulted to 160kbps, though higher is generally preferable for a music stream), you can manage the volume, stereo/mono, L/R balance, and monitor for each audio input
    • Can record your broadcast
    • Broadcasting platforms: Twitch, youtube, facebook, + like 30 more
      • You can stream to which allows to you stream to multiple platforms at once
    • (At least for twitch) you can monitor your chat/subs/donations right in the software

    Ease of Use

    • Very simple to download and start streaming on almost any platform. Only took us ~10-15 min to start streaming.  OBS has a nice GUI AND it is very customizable. Lots of settings to work with, and we were able to figure out how things worked without looking them up for the most part.
    • You can add multiple video/audio inputs into each scene. Plus you can add text, pictures, videos etc..  to customize each scene.
    • Easy to switch between multiple camera angles if needed

    SLOBS (Stream Labs OBS)

    • StreamLabs essentially took OBS’ open source code and added more functionality. SLOBS is seen as more customization and extension heavy than vanilla OBS - a distinction that can be seen as positive or negative. 
    • Some users may find SLOBS’ UI to be too crowded and overwhelming from the extra additions, while others may find the 1-click solutions SLOBS offers to be convenient. It is also important to note that most streaming softwares have an import/export function which makes switching between different streaming softwares relatively painless. 

    But why would you want to switch from one software to another in the first place? 

    • Although most streaming softwares offer the same features, there will likely be some minor differences between each software. For instance, SLOBS offers cloud backups, allowing you to use your saved stream settings even when travelling and not live-streaming from home. 
    • In addition, some users report performance issues with SLOBS that they do not encounter in OBS, while others report the exact opposite. This is something that will vary based on your computer’s hardware, which is why I would always recommend trying both and running a test stream if you are getting into streaming for the first time.

    Streamlabs OBS is a great alternative to OBS. It ultimately boils down to personal preference as to which software you should use, as either option will have the necessary tools for most streamers of any sort. At the end of the day, OBS and SLOBS are the most popular softwares because they are tried and true. They both offer the best quality and features, all for a low price of $0.

    Written by Christian & Brian

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